Dracula clothing – review

Yup, my year slowly starts now in February (!) and it started with a little package from Dracula clothing. I ordered somewhere in January a red coffin ring that I have always wanted and their website had the most reasonable price. It was actually the first time I ordered something from a website that it’s not from the country where I live.


I am always afraid that my card details will get stolen and all the crap that people do nowadays, but everything was just safe with my orderĀ and I couldn’t be more happier!

The shipping (to Finland) took about 2 weeks and they give you a tracking number and a website where you can check online details about your shipment AND the best part, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!!

The staff answer really fast, they are kind and serious at the same time šŸ™‚



I can’t wait to stop by again on their website for a new order!


’till next time! Cheerio darlings!


(*This post is not sponsored. EverythingĀ written above it’s just my own opinion about the product that IĀ bought*)

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