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Tea time and meeting Don Rosa in Helsinki

On a dreary day of November, I hopped on a train and one hour later, I found myself in the crowded Helsinki.
I’ve been waiting for this day for so long and I wasn’t even sure that I will make it in time for the Don Rosa meeting but I did!
One cup of tea later and suddenly one of the women who work at the book store (Suomalainen Kirjakauppa) was announcing that Don Rosa has arrived half an hour earlier so we should get in line, purchase the book and automatically we will get a ticket to go and meet the author and illustrator of the stories about Scrooge McDuck, etc.
I felt again like a kid listening to his pleasant voice explaining to me the artwork and other details that he did for Tuomas Holopainen‘s solo album. Later on while I was watching the videos from the meeting, I noticed that my facial expression was like a hyper excited kid’s expression. Just how I actually look when I watch any Disney movie.

*Waiting for my train after a shopping spree in CyberShop

The meeting was worth the trip! And now I sit in front of this writing device (aka laptop) and wonder, what would life be without art? Without all these magical things that come out of every artist’s hands?
But I know that all I wanna do in life is ART. Oh! And I don’t wanna grow up. E V E R .


Goodies from abroad

This morning I have been woken up by the mailman who left a notification in our mailbox and I had to wait a few hours to pick it up because it hadn’t arrived at the post office. So, after I did chores around the house and other things to make time go by faster, I finally picked it up and I promised Jekyll Hyde Club that I’m gonna make an unboxing video so here it is!

Two years in Finland

Two years ago I started my journey to Finland and now I can happily say that I permanently live here ❤

I wanted to go somewhere and film something exciting for my readers/subscribers but all my plans have been shattered by the nasty weather…so I ended up in front of my laptop playing this game called “Influent”. While playing, I recorded myself talking nonsense and just having fun failing 😀

Enjoy the video and cheers to two years in Finland!


May has been a quiet and a busy month at the same time but I am back with a new mini travel vlog 🙂
Although I had many plans for my trip to Helsinki, they all have been ruined by the cloudy cold weather.

A trip with adventures – although I had two cameras with me, the moment I wanted to take photos in front of Tuomikirkko, I took the DSLR out of my bag and I was wondering why it was sooo…”not so heavy” until I realized that I have forgotten the battery in the unplugged charger…And also my friend came from Romania here for the first time so it was wonderful to “relive” moments from my first visit to Helsinki which happened in 2013.


Only winter can bring you home


“Nordic blue” – as I like to call, has rushed over Finland quite early compared to last year but I won’t complain because I will enjoy it for a longer time. Lots of inspiration, windows decorated with fairylights, candles and lanterns hung on the porch of every house, the scent of mulled wine with cinammon (plus maybe a bit of vodka or a cold lonkero 😛 ) and of course, the “always present” on a Finnish table, the cinnamon buns. This might be the best description of winter in Finland!

“Only winter can bring you home” – as you can see, winter is my main source of inspiration when it comes to my music. I remember working on the track and adding all sorts of effects on my keyboard (no, I don’t compose music with any software. I prefer the classical way plus I wish that I could be able to learn the basics of each and every possible instrument in this world but I feel that one life is not enough for my plans but hmm…we’re trying to make it happen.) Everything is….handmade, so to say. And after a while, I took my laptop, connected the keyboard to it and started recording. Meanwhile, ideas kept on coming. I felt like my heart was releasing notes, harmonies slowly flowing through my veins, going straight to my keyboard and later on, to your ears.


I think for about a week I felt drained, I felt like I gave everything of myself and I managed to create something more…complex. I also wrote lyrics for the song, the melody line for the chorus with two voices, but I felt that I had to leave it as it is because every instruments is telling its own story or, even YOU can imagine the story behind my song.

So, you have a winter soundtrack waiting for you on my YouTube channel! Warmest hugs to y’all!




“Albastrul nordic”  – așa cum îmi place mie să îi spun, s-a năpustit deasupra Finlandei destul de devreme în comparație cu anul trecut și bucuria-i și mai mare pentru că mă pot desfăta pe termen îndelungat 😉 Inspirație din plin, beculețe pe la geamuri, lumânări și lanterne pe la casele oamenilor, miros de vin cu scorțișoară (hai, și poate puțină vodcă sau un lonkero mai rece) și mai ales, nelipsitele plăcinte cu scorțișoară care au o denumire foarte comică în limba finlandeză și nu mă risc să o scriu aici pentru că are o altă conotație la noi, românii :))


“Only winter can bring you home” – după cum vedeți, iarna e sursa mea de inspirație în ceea ce privește muzica pe care o compun. Îmi amintesc că lucram la piesă și făceam tot felul de efecte și instrumente la orgă (nu, nu compun piese cu programe sau ce nebunii mai sunt acum în vogă. Îmi place metoda clasică și îmi doresc nespus de mult să fiu capabilă să învăț baza fiecărui instrument din lumea asta. Mda, nu-mi ajunge o viață să fac ceea ce îmi propun, dar încercăm).Totul e…handmade ca să spun așa. Și după ceva timp mi-am luat laptop-ul lângă mine și am început să înregistrez. Între timp, îmi tot veneau idei. Simțeam cum din inimă ies tot felul de note, de armonii, de nebunii, scurgându-se încet prin venele mâinilor și ajungând direct pe clape și mai târziu, la urechile voastre. Cred că aproximativ o săptămână m-am simțit ca și cum am dat totul din mine și eram foarte încântată că am reușit să fac ceva mai…complex.

Scrisesem și versuri pentru piesă, refrenul pe două voci, etc. dar simțeam că trebuie să o las așa pentru că fiecare instrument îsi spune povestea sau chiar voi vă puteți imagina cam ce ar spune. Așa că, aveți un soundtrack de iarnă care așteaptă să fie ascultat pe canalul meu de YouTube. Vă îmbrățișez!

*…pfiuuuu…după un an și jumătate de vorbit numai engleza și o finlandeză mai stricată, mi-a fost destul de greu să reîncep să scriu un text mai amplu în limba română. I did it! 

Some other kind of Morticia

I might bring a smile on your face when I’m around you and I might make you laugh, I might wear colorful clothes and be very childish sometimes but in reality, I am different. Whereas people criticise what seems to not be normal or not ok for the society nowaydays, I will stay in my bench and continue admiring all those negative things that you are trying hardly to keep your kids away from, I will still admire those “Satanic” people dressed up all black, those rockers with chains hanging down from the back pockets of their leather pants and the girls with dark lipstick and creepers as their everyday shoes. So yeah, my inclination to the “dark side” is terribly strong but incredibly beautiful!


While doing my “Morticia” make-up this evening, I realized that all those creepy things, the Halloween preparations, the gross looking but delicious candies, etc. make me really really happy! 😀

But don’t worry, I don’t worship anyone or do voodoo or witchcraft of any kind or God knows what’s in your mind at this moment. It’s just something that I lived with all my life, although in real life I spend my days in cozy pajamas or in normal clothes like everybody else 😀 Just wanted to share these thoughts with you and of course, my Morticia look photos!



My autumn evening routine

The season of cinnamon and cozy sweaters has arrived! It’s also the time when the burgundy color looks perfect on each one of us!

Today I am going to take you into my intimacy, into my evening routine to be exact.

I will start with the delicious Palmolive gourmet body butters that won’t last too long in your shower cabin 😀 Although I love all of them, the vanilla is the one that I completely finish really fast all the time. And compared to other brands, these body butters will leave your skin scented for hours, that’s a promise!


After a long shower, I take my facial cleansing brush and start using my anti-blemish 3 steps system from Clinique. I just simply love these products!


And when I am too lazy to follow the 3 steps above, I moisturize my face with the moisturizing cream from Lumene. Is the first brand I fell in love with the moment I moved to Finland and the only cream that leaves my face soft and not sticky or greasy. I use it every morning and every time before going to sleep.


The body mist from Victoria Secret shouldn’t miss from your bathroom cabinet (or your vanity)!My favorite is “love spell” and I use it everyday after the shower. I actually don’t use it, I bathe in it, haha! 😀 Which one is your favorite?

victoria secret

Now that fall has come, I love to paint my nails with darker colors and this time I use the rouge noir nail polish from Cien. Love the flat brush!


And in the end, my old friend Nivea comes in handy. I grew up with this product and it’s a part of my life! Forever Nivea!


Phewww, now we are done with pampering our body. How about satisfying your hunger with some toast with butter, ham, cheddar cheese, cucumber and aroma salt? mmm…I ate them before taking pictures of my amazing evening toast haha!

And a hot chocolate with a lot of foam would be just fine! and what’s autumn without Jack The Pumpkin King?

jack the pumpkin king

autumn scent

In the end, I’m gonna dive into my boyfriend’s DVD collection and now it’s time to let all the vampires in our house mwhaha! I’m obsessed with vampires and everything vampire-related since…I was born (I guess)!


Another thing that I love about autumn is lighting up lanterns outside the house or in the balcony. It seems like a tradition here in Finland, a tradition that I absolutely love! And for tonight, we have a cookie scented candle lightening up our balcony!


Talking about vampires, Halloween is just around the corner and I’ve prepared some nice things for you. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog!

Cheerio, darlings!