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It all started a few weeks ago when I made public my Halloween-inspired photos.

The ring that I was wearing was from a store called Regal Rock and I got in touch with them and they were kind enough to tell me that if I have a piece jewelry that I like, they would be happy to send it to me for free. Since I’m not a picky person, I showed them some of their jewelry that were saved in my wishlist and I told them to choose one piece and send it over here.
A few days ago, I went to the post office with the notification left in the mailbox by the mailman and I was given a small package. I totally forgot that something was on the way to me and I didn’t expect it to arrive so early especially because it was sent from China. Once I got home, I opened it and I was so surprised to see that the little box was filled up with jewelry!

They were individually wrapped and protected with layers of bubble wrap and the big surprise was to see that they didn’t send me one piece that I liked, but all of them and some extras. I’ve been their customer for a long time now and this collaboration/sponsorship/whatever you want to call it, is SO much on my taste and it fills my heart with joy to know that someone appreciates what I do and helps me continue and supports me at the same time.
You can check out their store HERE ! THANK YOU Regal Rock for your kindness, support and for this beautiful surprise!

Now these beauties reside among my other products that I bought from Regalrock a long time ago.



We all need a change sometimes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a life change, hair change or whatever kind of change it is. Changes make us feel better for sure!

I personally felt that I needed a change and I got myself a pair of contact lenses and of course, I bleached my ends at home three tones lighter (it’s Christmas time and my other personality needs glitter and a lot of color!). I’ve always been afraid of contact lenses, especially when last year I tried for the first time some red contacts for a Halloween project of mine and trying to put them on almost made me cry and my hands were trembling and my eye lids just didn’t want to stay still for a second. Not to mention how uncomfortable they were. Back then I swore that I will never buy contacts again. Until last weekend while I was in Helsinki, I stopped by at my favorite shop: CyberShop.
Wandering among racks filled with goodies, I stumbled upon the glass cabinet under the point of sale and there they were: my turquoise contacts waiting for me to be taken home. After a long conversation with a very friendly girl who works at the shop, I bought them. And once I got home, I read all the instructions, I left them in their moisturizing solution for 6 hours and the next day I gave contact lenses another chance. Plus, I got myself some eye drops for my dry eyes (hint 😉 ).

This time it went better than I expected and I am so happy to finally be able to wear them! I’ve been loving turquoise/blue/ eyes since forever and now I can have them!

If you’re interested in buying your first pair or your next pair of contact lenses, I highly recommend you CyberShop! The site is safe (and also in English), the staff extremely friendly, the prices affordable, high quality contact lenses and a big variety to choose from! Find many more alternative goodies by clicking on the logo down below ↓

Enjoy shopping!