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Spring? Is that you?

Less leggings underneath jeans, sweatshirts and for once, no beanie!
I wonder, is spring here for good to stay? She’d better!

Despite the cold wind which got a little grabby and made me run a few good minutes to catch one glove that almost reached the freshly melted waves of the lake, the power of sunlight almost had me cooked!

Those memes spread all over the internet about the people from Finland who feel like vampires once spring comes and the sun is shining majestically for more than 4 hours, are true!

I, myself been struggling with severe dizziness that didn’t let me hold the head on my shoulders properly and other weird symptoms which I get mostly every spring or autumn. Plus, my fiancé probably lost count of the amount of times I’ve been complaining about the sun in the last few days.
Now the box of D vitamin can have a good rest until next autumn!

Here’s a song that’s been booming in my headphones for several days and I think it fits with the arrival of spring, don’t you think?


I hope your world is kind

It was a fun process making this cover song. Guessing all the instruments (more or less), singing with a soothing voice and not forcing it a bit, recording, filming, ahh! How wonderful!

This song will always remind me about the “meeting” with the majestic deer while singing out loud on my way home during the first days of spring last year.
If you stuck around with me here, on my blog, you remember that even in the newspaper in my latest interview I mentioned about it:

“I had a very good day at work and I still have the habit of singing on my way home, especially because the road I am walking on is not populated. And as I was singing, on the right side, across the main road, I saw a deer. I was looking at it, I almost did not breathe at all and the moment I took my phone out of my pocket, it ran away.
“If I start singing again, would it return?” I have wondered. And so I did! I started to sing louder than before and the deer returned. ” – it is a beautiful memory that actually happened last year on my way back home from work which I will always remember dearly and if you’re wondering which song I was singing, it was Auri – I hope your world is kind . I was prepared to write a blog post about this fortunate event the moment I got home but I told myself that one day there will be another way to talk about it. And I was right!

Crai Nou, 15 ianuarie 2019, Suceava

I don’t usually make covers but if it shows up on my channel, then you must know that the song means something for me 🙂 Enjoy!

Social media detox

After some unfortunate events that have occurred at the beginning of this month, I felt an immense urge to take a break from social media and from everything else I was creating. And gosh, what a great choice!

Of course, you can’t take a break for real from social media, especially when Facebook Messenger is the most used app to keep in contact with your loved ones back home (in my situation). But let’s say, a break from posting, sharing your personal life or things you’re working on at the moment.

For a long time, it felt like a continuous battle to post every single day more and more photos of different things that can grow your audience, increase your followers number, bla bla bla. Of course, this only applies if you use social networking for self-promoting or to promote your own business. If none of this is your goal and if social media is like an “online diary” for you and your close friends/relatives, you could still take a break from posting and go back to focusing on your families and pay more attention to the real life.

One of the things that I truly enjoyed during my break from social media was reading. I buy books every time I find one that its subject sparks my interest and usually I start reading until I remember that I haven’t checked my social media for a couple of minutes and then there it stays, the poor book, dusted on my desk for a long time. But this time it was different: hours went by and you could not make me put it down until I reached the back cover of the book.

Another thing that I enjoyed was going to another city and not letting anyone know from social media what I was up to that day. Didn’t even pick up the phone to post our “selfies” and wonderful moments we captured. I truly enjoyed seeing my friends, laughing with tears and loud!

Now, a little shoutout to an incredible photographer whom I have accidentally met while laughing with my soul sister (she is a very talented visual artist AND writer —> find her on Instagram at @daniela_nw) at the bottom of the slippery statue of the Emperor Aleksander II, @othmars_fotos and whose photos I am going to share bellow.

So many other things I realised and I enjoyed during my time off social media that won’t even come to my mind now while writing these lines. But one thing is for sure: life is beautiful when your private life is kept away from social media and treasured by just the two of you without cheesy descriptions under the “selfies” and without abusing the emoji icons.
Life is beautiful when you focus more on yours and your beloved one’s health, when you have friends/relatives sitting on the fluffy carpet from the living room, sharing laughter and life is even more beautiful when you go back to your old self again.

With that being said, I truly recommend a so-called “social media detox”. It works! 😉

My source of inspiration

I am often being asked where do I get inspiration from? Simple: from the nature.

Rural living has always been the best option for me, for my mental health and creativity.
While I was home, living in the heart of the city I couldn’t find my inner peace. I was always agitated, stressed and knowing everybody and meeting dozens of people daily, being analyzed from head to toe if I am dressed up as society says, was pure torture. I don’t say that I don’t like visiting big cities because I really do! I am talking strictly about the environment that keeps me inspired. And nature it is!
I am so lucky that now I am surrounded by so much nature, lakes, animals and all the beautiful things that keep this Planet moving.
Oh! And I hardly know my neighbours (I guess in over 3 years since I moved here, I only got to know 2 of them:)) and I love it this way!) whereas in Romania, they were tracking my every move.
So, with that being said, I was desperate to find my place in this world and privacy.
And I found them!

Down below I made a small inspirational video to start the year with good vibes and positive energy 😉

The bittersweet beauty of Hietaniemi cemetery

Hietaniemi was one of the first places that I’ve seen on my first visit here 6 years ago. Once you enter the gates of the cemetery, you don’t feel like it’s a regular burial ground. It feels more like a park where you can rest your thoughts, take a long walk and admire the beautiful architecture of the tomb stones, of the canopy gravestones and of course, the tall and beautiful statues.
One of the beautiful things that you can find in this cemetery is the amount of playful and friendly squirrels. I always say that I will buy some nuts before I go there and I always forget. So, in case you wanna visit this place, don’t go there unless you have nuts in your pocket!

It felt good for a few hours to feel the vibration of Helsinki, but once I got home, I realized how much I adore living in a small town, with not so much around but nature, stilness and my beloved one. I love exploring, I love big cities but I could never live in a big city again.

*some more squirrel photo spamming because they are too cute not to share 😀 but this cutie pie in particular was playing next to me, not feeling any danger and being incredibly joyful and playful and I believe that she enjoyed my presence there as much as I enjoyed her’s!

Exploring Helsinki

Thursday early in the morning, I hopped on the commuter train to Helsinki. After an adventurous journey with delays, changing trains and making friends with a wonderful Finnish girl, I made it to the capital of Finland. After finishing some paper work at the Embassy of Romania, I decided to explore another side of Helsinki that I’ve never visited before.

On the way from Stenbäckinkatu towards Kamppi, a beautiful crimson building near by Töölö library has captured my attention. It was covered with red ivy leaves, with a marble plaque dating back to 1922 and people rushing back and forth through the door of the building trying to reach their destination in time. I would have taken better photos but although they say 7-10 is the rushing hour, I am sure that 11 is as well because I kept on bumping into people and I just decided to keep on walking. Also, in the neighborhood I discovered a variety of tax free souvenir shops, a good way for the travelers to buy junk for their loved ones and at the same time, to save up some money.

On the way, a neoclassical building popped up and surprise – surprise! that was the Parliament of Finland with a very neat front yard and you could also notice the grand golden chandeliers picking out among the bars of the high windows. It looked like a modern Hogwarts, to be honest.

In the following photos, you have more beautiful buildings and interesting parts of Helsinki like the National Museum of Finland, Helsinki Music Centre (and the creepy pike statue called “Laulupuut” (Song Trees) ) etc. that you can feast your eyes on.

Part two coming up soon 🙂

All spooky things

It’s been a while since I’ve last written here but I must say that I have no inspiration for anything during summer. I just want to lock myself in a basement until the cold season arrives 🙂
This year, a heatwave has swooped upon Finland and it lasted for a few months (!) Thankfully the heatwave has come to an end and my creative block stopped.

As an apology for my absence from my blog, I give you some “spoopy”/inspirational photos. Halloween it’s something that I’ve celebrated since I was a child and I enjoy turning myself into something that I would love to be or at least wear on a daily basis.

I haven’t thought of a name for this photo session but I think I’ll just name it “Myself” because that’s how I really am, although I am so colorful on the inside (yeah, hard to believe). Or maybe you have better ideas? 😉

Hope y’all are doing well and would love to hear what are your plans for this Halloween?

Dress: EMP
Contact lenses: Cybershop Finland
Crown: Flying Tiger
Ring: RegalRock