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The sirens are calling for me

I didn’t think that I will be able to do another cover song any sooner, but I did it! This time it’s a song that I’ve been obsessively listening to when I was around 16 years old and it was so fun recording and filming it!

The ears are made by me out of polymer clay and they are not equal but this is what happens when things are done in a hurry.

Without any further ado, here’s my “Deep silent complete” cover, originally performed by the well-known Finnish symphonic metal band, Nightwish. Enjoy!


A day before Easter


My annual Easter video is here (because you asked for it)! And it had to be filmed in the kitchen where I always fail nicely 😀

YouTube is a place where I’m allowed to do what I know best.  From vlogs to DIYs, live performances, cover songs, my own music, etc.

My channel is a mixture of all those things mentioned above because I like diversity. And for this, now I’ve have created playlists so it will be easier for my new unsubscribed visitors to have a look through what I create 🙂 If you like what I do, feel free to subscribe to my channel!

A patch of color among snowy trees

The glossy lid look – I know this was popular last year, but during this time when everyone pretends to be in love and happy, I think with the help of a red lip gloss and mascara, you are ready to go on a date! I personally didn’t have a red lip gloss and I used some very good pigmented red eye shadow from Fräulein and on top I applied a lip gloss from EssenceWith my finger tips, I smudged the gloss all over my eyelids (you don’t need a brush for this) and during the day, to avoid from creasing, you don’t even need to carry the lip gloss with you. Just tap on your lid with your finger tips and you’re done.

The messy hairstyle – Due to the fact that for some good years when I was in ballet my mom used to make out of my hair a Spanish bun and I had it almost everyday, I don’t like wearing my hair up! And I guess this is the first time when I don’t have the hair down in front of the camera. But for today’s look I chose a messy hairstyle. If you have a cowlick hair like I do, teasing your hair is a must!  Spray it with an extra strong fixing hairspray, grab all your hair like you would put it in a high ponytail, twist it into a “banana” and grip it with bobby pins. That’s pretty much what I did and it lasted the whole day.

Be inspired for this kitschy celebration and don’t hesitate to wear color even if outside it’s snowing. Cheerio! 

Coat – Fresh Spirit by Ellos

Corset – KappAhl

Choker – Haotic (RO)

Earrings – vintage

Feeling blue

…not really. But while I was enjoying my morning cup (make it a mug) of rooibos tea with honey and eating a waffle that was made a night before, I looked outside and everything seemed so blue. I checked my phone and the weather app said “-18”. And of course, I don’t trust my phone or nowadays technology but once I checked the thermometer outside, it was indeed -18. And hei! What does Ioana do when it’s really cold? She goes outside, of course!

And here is my first outfit post. Not very “fashion” though because winters in Finland are really heavy and cold and nobody wants get pneumonia, right? The “outfit” posts will be a new category on my blog. My style changes through the years and I really love putting outfits together and I always like to get out of the pattern. Not a fashion guru but hope to inspire you!

Jacket – no brand , faux fur mittensBik Bok , turtleneck & earringsH&M

Behind the artwork

Doing everything myself was something that I have always wanted to do. I’ve always liked to try new things, learn new things that interest me, be good at it and not depend on anyone.
Since I dusted off my graphic tablet, I spent the last days learning how to “animate” and draw digitally. I am not professionally trained to do such things but you do not have to be. All you need to do is to practice and love what you do.

So now we have an intro for my vlogs and a “behind the scenes” video! 🙂 Trust me, behind every song that I make or digital art that I create, there is a lot of work and many sleepless nights.

Keeping the Christmas spirit alive in January

I don’t think I even wished you all a good start of 2018 so Happy New Year everyone!

My first post of this year will be a carol because outside is snowing, fairy lights are still all around the neighborhood and my Christmas tree is not in the storage room yet. Down below you have my dark version of the Ukrainian carol called “Carol of the Bells” (also known as “Ukrainian Bell Carol”) but most of the people know it from the “Home Alone” movie and this just makes me watch it again and again *cough*.

Although the song has been recorded about a month ago, yesterday I went into the forest and froze my fingers off while taking photos for the digital artwork that I also did last night (it took me more than 7 hours). I used to spend my nights playing with my graphic tablet and creating digital fantasy worlds, but at some point I just stopped but because the “New Year’s resolution” is quite popular nowadays, here’s my resolution for this year: to continue creating photomanipulations. What’s your resolution/s for this year?

Spooky tree for Christmas and vlogmas

I watch many vloggers everyday and I get so inspired by them, but sometimes I don’t have the courage to make certain videos. Until this year when I filmed my first ever Vlogmas and it was so much fun!
The thing is that, when I’ll grow older, I wanna look back, relieve memories and be proud of myself. Hopefully YouTube will still exist then.

And here I come with an idea for the dark minded people or for the people that have two personalities (like me): dark and glittery. Since I know myself, I’ve always liked to create a positive/inspirational environment at our home. I truly hate empty walls, especially too much white is…too much! so for me, a comfy home is a home with lots of memories framed, trinkets, antique candle holders, old furniture and music instruments. A place where I go back from work to get inspired. This is how I would describe our home. And for this year, I opted for a 60 cm tree for our bedroom, a tree that I have decorated with my Halloween ornaments. For our living room I chose glitter. But more about that in my next post!

Watch the video down below and get inspired!