Candle in the Dark

It was on a Saturday night when I decided to challenge myself by figuring out the notes of one of my favorite songs by ear.
I had the album already purchased because the band Altamullan Road released their debut album just last month and I really wanted to have a physical copy of it. Yes, I buy CDs and I read the booklet, enjoy the artwork and the music and I hope more people are still doing this. If not, please support artists by buying their CDs and merchandise! Spotify really doesn’t pay much and music and art in general is NOT free. Remember that!

So, as I was saying, I already had the album, got the booklet out of the case and played the song and along with it I played along a few notes on the keyboard. That’s how all my cover songs start and each time I do covers, I feel a change inside my brain. I know, it sounds funny but I feel that this is a way to train you ear and by figuring out notes without any sheets in front, brings all kinds of benefits to your IQ as well. Of course maybe I skip a note because I cannot hear it but it’s impossible to mistake the whole song because, trust me, you will notice.
And this is how “Candle in the Dark” came out.

While recording the piano and making the guitar myself, I was battling with a horrible flu that didn’t wanna leave my body but in the end, I could also record the vocals although I wasn’t completely healed.

As for the video, I used our living room, I had to make some changes, move the keyboard, cover a painting with a black cloth so it can look decent, light some candles and be carefully with the equipment around them. I really am proud of how it came out because this is the result of a full week of intense work. I rarely do covers because I like to make the instrumental myself and I wanna put some effort not just sing on top of the instrumental (although I did that too in the past and maybe I’ll do it again, who knows). As an artist, I want to contribute with all the skills that I have, learn new things and be proud when I look back.  I will leave down below the link to my video  and as always, I appreciate every feedback, share, like, etc.

Thank you for the support! 🙂 

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