Art Doll Making | Margaret

This summer, despite my sprained thumb which is slowly healing now, I wandered through different fields of art and on my way to create something I had in mind for a long time, I stopped by once again to doll making.
From my previous creation (which I’m not sure I wrote about here 🤔), I developed some skills which got better understood while bringing my doll to life. Although practice makes it perfect, sketching the project before starting doing it is most useful. It helps you clarify your ideas and eases your job. Then, figuring out beforehand the materials you are going to use for building up the project is another plus. And after that, patience is something you need to have or you’ll learn about it during the process. That can be considered an essential life skill, too.

I can’t say exactly when I started acquiring materials for arts and crafts because I’ve been saving bits and bobs since forever. And you know, we all get things and say “I might need it someday”. For me, this works because I see potential in all the stuff I get that could be used for my arts and crafts projects. My creativity goes beyond imagination and I’d love to open a shop someday with all the things that I make!

And now, I present to you Margaret.
She’s an old witch who can predict people’s personality and that’s why she always has a skeptical facial expression. But her wisdom is like a bottomless pond and she makes the most delicious rooibos tea ❤️

Materials used: polymer clay, resin, wool, wire, wood and all sorts of fabrics. The doll measures around 50 cm and the clothes are handsewn and hot glued.

Although she is meant to be displayed all year-round, Margaret is the accent piece of our autumn home decor. String lights, autumn leaves, throw blankets and white hot chocolate. You can’t go wrong with this!

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