Social media detox

After some unfortunate events that have occurred at the beginning of this month, I felt an immense urge to take a break from social media and from everything else I was creating. And gosh, what a great choice!

Of course, you can’t take a break for real from social media, especially when Facebook Messenger is the most used app to keep in contact with your loved ones back home (in my situation). But let’s say, a break from posting, sharing your personal life or things you’re working on at the moment.

For a long time, it felt like a continuous battle to post every single day more and more photos of different things that can grow your audience, increase your followers number, bla bla bla. Of course, this only applies if you use social networking for self-promoting or to promote your own business. If none of this is your goal and if social media is like an “online diary” for you and your close friends/relatives, you could still take a break from posting and go back to focusing on your families and pay more attention to the real life.

One of the things that I truly enjoyed during my break from social media was reading. I buy books every time I find one that its subject sparks my interest and usually I start reading until I remember that I haven’t checked my social media for a couple of minutes and then there it stays, the poor book, dusted on my desk for a long time. But this time it was different: hours went by and you could not make me put it down until I reached the back cover of the book.

Another thing that I enjoyed was going to another city and not letting anyone know from social media what I was up to that day. Didn’t even pick up the phone to post our “selfies” and wonderful moments we captured. I truly enjoyed seeing my friends, laughing with tears and loud!

Now, a little shoutout to an incredible photographer whom I have accidentally met while laughing with my soul sister (she is a very talented visual artist AND writer —> find her on Instagram at @daniela_nw) at the bottom of the slippery statue of the Emperor Aleksander II, @othmars_fotos and whose photos I am going to share bellow.

So many other things I realised and I enjoyed during my time off social media that won’t even come to my mind now while writing these lines. But one thing is for sure: life is beautiful when your private life is kept away from social media and treasured by just the two of you without cheesy descriptions under the “selfies” and without abusing the emoji icons.
Life is beautiful when you focus more on yours and your beloved one’s health, when you have friends/relatives sitting on the fluffy carpet from the living room, sharing laughter and life is even more beautiful when you go back to your old self again.

With that being said, I truly recommend a so-called “social media detox”. It works! šŸ˜‰

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