A patch of color among snowy trees

The glossy lid look – I know this was popular last year, but during this time when everyone pretends to be in love and happy, I think with the help of a red lip gloss and mascara, you are ready to go on a date! I personally didn’t have a red lip gloss and I used some very good pigmented red eye shadow from Fräulein and on top I applied a lip gloss from EssenceWith my finger tips, I smudged the gloss all over my eyelids (you don’t need a brush for this) and during the day, to avoid from creasing, you don’t even need to carry the lip gloss with you. Just tap on your lid with your finger tips and you’re done.

The messy hairstyle – Due to the fact that for some good years when I was in ballet my mom used to make out of my hair a Spanish bun and I had it almost everyday, I don’t like wearing my hair up! And I guess this is the first time when I don’t have the hair down in front of the camera. But for today’s look I chose a messy hairstyle. If you have a cowlick hair like I do, teasing your hair is a must!  Spray it with an extra strong fixing hairspray, grab all your hair like you would put it in a high ponytail, twist it into a “banana” and grip it with bobby pins. That’s pretty much what I did and it lasted the whole day.

Be inspired for this kitschy celebration and don’t hesitate to wear color even if outside it’s snowing. Cheerio! 

Coat – Fresh Spirit by Ellos

Corset – KappAhl

Choker – Haotic (RO)

Earrings – vintage


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