What did I do yesterday?

Hours before the windstorm, we remembered about the downtown fair that I was so curious about 😀 Unfortunately I realized too late that there is no battery left in my camera but a smartphone always comes in handy in this kind of situations!

There is no way I won’t write about this because I was in total shock when I saw our traditional Romanian “sarmale” (cabbage rolls) in K-market! Well…these are Finnish but anyways…it was a pleasant surprise to see that they have similar “sarmale”!


They might not taste like the ones made by my grandmother and although I was tempted to get them, I didn’t. I will wait until I go home and serve them with “mămăligă” (maize porridge/polenta?) and sour cream. That’s a real Romanian dish!

And finally we are at the fair! The child in me has come to the surface!




I don’t trust “the big one” but I had to have a picture with it 😀


Then something funny happened. I wanted cotton candy so bad because usually in my hometown (Suceava, RO) there is always cotton candy at every possible fair and my beloved one said that we can find it at the karkki (candy) booth. And while waiting for it, suddenly “there you go” came with a big bucket full of it. With wide-eyes opened I welcomed the thing and I was surprised that it didn’t come on a stick 😀 Happy me!


Do you remember these old American movies where the boy goes to “take a chance” and tries to get for his girlfriend the biggest, fluffiest and cutest toy? Well, we went there too. And I ended with a black sheep. Is that a sign? 😀 haha! definitely not!




And the windstorm has just begun -_- Goodbye fabulous pictures!

Turenki had also a small market near downtown today and I ended up getting handmade candles and a honey dipper (I’ve always wanted one) because I sweeten up my tea only with honey! DSC_0235.jpg

Probably I will never burn these candles but you know…once you let a woman in a market, she has to have everything!


Cheerio, darlings!






Come with me for a walk into the forest

Often I feel the urge to go for a walk into the forest, rest on a stone or somewhere on a big tree root and just listen to the nature. From there I get all the inspiration and also by watching people or listening to their stories.


Sometimes I wonder how is to be the only tree on a distant valley, how lonesome can you feel during winter when no songs are coming out from the tree houses, how silent and neverending days can seem to be when no one is stopping by to tell you the grief or the happiness they are going through. And just watching the little ants coming from one place to another in such a hurry…I wonder what kind of wichcraft are they planning to do. I just look around and wonder..and wonder…


A year and almost two months have passed since I moved to Finland and I still am curious to find out more, to learn more and most of the things still seem new to me. But the little forest behind our building is my escape. Nature is my escape. It’s my inspiration for the music I make. The place where I can rest and let go of all the negativity or pointless drama.


I feel blessed to be able to write a few thoughts from the lap of the nature!


And I was planning for weeks to take this blog to the next level, so get ready to hear and see more from me! From ootd posts, music, adventures, to make-up, hairstyles, product reviews and girly stuff. Also YouTube will explode hopefully soon but until then I have to fix up some things. I’m still filming and taking photographs here and there and making plans for my readers in my agenda 😉




Hämeen keskiaikamarkkinat | Häme Medieval Fair 2016

Elvish dresses, Tarot readings, crystals, iron jewellery, taxidermies, celtic music – these would be the perfect words that could describe my experience in Hämeenlinna at the Medieval Fair!pic1.jpg

Being so distracted by so many things, I was like a little kid and I kept on saying “I need that! I want that! I need this in my life!” – I should have robbed a bank before the fair haha!pic7.jpg

The crystal booths attracted me the most and I came home with a wonderful Amethyst cluster. It was the first time I got a crystal and I feel like another childhood dream has been achieved! And because I know myself more than anyone in this world, I know that this won’t be the only crystal that I will ever own 😉

I’m an admirer of the old, I’m always interested in learning new things, I love magic and adventures and this is how I am going to keep my blog. I am going to take you everytime to new adventures and to discover together what other beauties Finland has to offer!

I’ve tried to capture the atmosphere and I made a little vlog about the fair and you can watch it right here!

A step forward!

puhutaan suomea“Puhutaan Suomea” (EN: Let’s speak Finnish”) is a magazine targeted to those who are learning or are interested in learning the Finnish language. Last May I was featured in the magazine and they gave me a chance to show people who I really am and why did I move to Finland.

“Why?” you may ask. Love is the answer!

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Travel with Great Élan

Shame on me for not keeping this blog up to date but from time to time I do write.

And this time I’m gonna share with you my latest cover which is “Élan” originally performed by Nightwish.


I’m not a great fan of covers, I prefer composing my own songs and perform them my own way but I wanted to try something new!


My little home studio has become a world of my own for a day and I enjoyed it to the fullest!